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About Us

Serving Businesses & Job Seekers

Many business in the UAE are seasonal, but the cost of staffing is not. With Shiftling, book staff on demand, as and when you need them; plus save on salaries, visas & HR costs. We don't lock our clients into long contracts or have minimum booking requirements. Whether you need one person for one shift or 100 people for 6 months we've got you covered.


What we do

Sourcing & Vetting

Whatever you need, we find the right people, with the right skills in less than 48 hours. Want to replace your staff at short notice? No problem, we're always ready with backups. Let us handle the hassle of finding the right fit for your business.

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 Logistics & Management

We ensure that each person is where they need to be, on time. We also take care of timesheets, freeing you up to focus on your business.



We handle all payments and admin, to ensure you're not burdened with the nitty gritty.

Flexible Payment Planning